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Certain legal issues are more emotionally charged than others. When controversy strikes close to family, you want an attorney who is not only knowledgeable in the law, but personable enough to encourage you and give you confidence going forward. For more than 14 years, I have represented clients with diverse backgrounds and needs.  Please click on the link below for pertinent information.


Issue oriented, focused on results
Effective advocacy begins with an objective case assessment.  Through careful analysis of each client’s unique situation, I empower a client to focus on issues in order to find creative and effective resolution. Because I am issue oriented and personable, I am very effective in settlement negotiations.  However, there certainly are situations where an aggressive approach is necessary. In those cases I draw a hard line in defense of my client’s interests. My goal is always your best possible outcome.

Pragmatic, efficient and cost-effectiveBy focusing on measurable and achievable goals, I help clients understand the cost and benefit of each option, and enable clients to make an informed decision.   It is my sincere belief that your family assets should be used for the betterment of you and your children.

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